53 Man Roster Prediction – Vol. 1

QB (3)
Cam Newton

Will Grier

Kyle Allen

-I do believe we will keep three quarterbacks this year.  Unless Heinicke can pull a Joe Webb and use his athleticism at other positions – I’ve seen no evidence that we’re even thinking about this – expect him to be the odd man out.

RB (3)
Christian McCaffrey

Cameron Artis-Payne

Jordan Scarlett

– The workhorse role of McCaffrey keeps this one fairly straight forward. 

FB (1)
Alex Armah
– Norv Turner is one of a handful of OC’s who still utilizes a fullback on occasion. 

Wide Receiver (6)
DJ Moore

Curtis Samuel

Jarius Wright

Chris Hogan

Torrey Smith

Terry Godwin

Just as long as he doesn’t bomb as a punt returner, Godwin should round out the receiver group. 

Tight End (3)

Greg Olsen

Ian Thomas

Chris Manhertz

– No surprises here.

Offensive Line (8)

Mitch Paradis

Trai Turner

Taylor Moton

Greg Little

Daryl Williams

Greg Van Roten

Tyler Larson

Dennis Daley

– They could stretch this to 9 given the injury history of Williams, but 8 is more typical, plus there’s plenty of practice squad space for younger prospects.

Defensive Line (5)

Kawaan Short

Gerald McCoy

Dontari Poe

Kyle Love

Vernon Butler

– Butler getting cut wouldn’t be shocking, in my opinion.  For now, I’m leaving him on.

Edge Defender (5)

Mario Addison

Bruce Irvin

Brian Burns

Christian Miller

Marquise Haynes

-The final two spots are wide open. I’m giving the upper hand to the Hurney draft picks.

Linebacker (6)

Luke Kuechly

Shaq Thompson

Jermaine Carter

Josh Norris

Andre Smith

Jordan Kunaszyk

-This is wide open behind Shaq. Carter, Norris and Smith are all Panther draft picks.

Defensive Back (10)

James Bradberry

Donte Jackson

Eric Reid

Rashaan Gaulden

Ross Cockrell

Colin Jones

Corn Elder

Kevin Seymour

Javien Elliott

Cole Luke

-Stay healthy, guys.

Specialists (3)

Graham Gano

Michael Palardy

JJ Jansen

-As is.

A Day At Camp #1

– So yeah, we’re doing this 3-4 thing for real – and I sure hope we know what we’re doing. Short going against an OT looks awkward. I could be reading too much into it, because it was a non-contact beta-male session, but it didn’t pass the eyeball test to me. We ran a stretch play and Short just sort of took up space. My instant reaction is that we might be taking two of the better interior defenders in football and turning them into bodyguards for Luke. Time will tell. Brian Burns looks fantastic, though. That guy is fast as fuck.

– Since it was a non-contact dick sucking contest, one thing I paid close attention to was the punt returners. Primarily, it was Godwin, Ross, Mickens, and something called DamionJeanpiere. Hogan occasionally mixed in, but I think he’ll just be the emergency, friendzone ride home option. Godwin looked the most natural fielding the punts, and since he’s a draft pick, it’s fair to assume he has the upper hand, just as long as he doesn’t bomb at WR. Mickens is probably #2. Ross has a great burst, but he doesn’t look comfortable fielding the football. Jean-Luc Picard had a couple of semi-muffs, so his career is likely over.

– During DB drills, the guy who immediately caught my attention was Kai Nacua, a journeyman scrub who spent last year on various practice squads, and previously made a few appearances for the 0-16 Browns. He may be the best overall athlete in the group. I’d like to see him get some reps in the slot. His change of direction and explosion are terrific. Unfortunately, right now, he’s about 9th string on the depth chart. Hopefully he’s not dealing with discrimination due to the Nakamura Incident.

– For some reason, Javien Elliot was allowed to cheat during one of the drills. Maybe the coaches are cutting him some slack, having spent the last several years being coached by a cuckold. 

– Cam’s lost a considerable amount of arm strength. I can vividly remember watching him up close in 2015, hearing the ball cutting through the air like a .220 swift bullet. That shit is gone. It’s still adequate, but he’s a different quarterback now. On the bright side, the touch on the short passes seems to have improved greatly over the last two seasons, and we have some excellent RAC players in this offense. If he can stay healthy and be Black Beuerlein, we should be fine.

– Last summer, I mentioned how Olsen was sprinkling in with the WRs. Today, he spent the entire early portion practice there. It stands to reason that he’ll be playing out wide more often, with Moore spending more time in the slot. He looked good running routes. Last year, it looked kind of clunky, but he seems to have improved at the WR route tree. Obviously, it also gives us great flexibility with 12 personnel.

– Artis-Payne looks bigger. He was getting a lot of reps at kick returner. This makes some sense in the context of the ridiculous kickoff rule. You just need a guy who won’t fumble and is willing to take a hit. CAP can do that, I suppose. A guy who looked good catching passes was Bonnafon. He’s a dark horse to fill the Fozzy role, assuming he can offer something on Teams. Interestingly, Armah got a carry out of shotgun. Scarlett didn’t do anything that stood out to me, but the dreads are top notch.

– Cockrell was working exclusively as Gaulden’s backup at FS. Considering the injury he’s coming back from, and the fact that he was never a fast corner to begin with, I like themove. He’s a smart, physical DB. If he can make the transition, the safety depth is suddenly not too bad. Of course, the downside is that it would leave us wet paper-thin at CB. If there’s an injury to Bradberry or “Action” Jackson, we’re right back in Robert McClain-ville.

– At least today, Aldrick Robinson sucks Adebisi’s shitty prison dick. I was actually excited about this guy when we smuggled him on the roster. I thought he might be able to be a poor man’s Ginn. But man, that was a shitty practice. He had a brutal drop, and lined up wrong once. Plus, he’s wearing #8, so fuck him anyway.

– I like the feeling of this team. It’s just a feeling, and facts don’t care about feelings, but I like the feeling. It seems a little morebuttoned up. Even Cam wasn’t fucking around as much. The four guys competing at punt returner were all helping each other out, and cheering each other on. Seems like the guys are on a mission to not go 1-7 after a 6-2 start. Yeah, let’s not fucking do that again.